We are in our 53rd season
Learn how we got here....

1959 Birth of the OSO formed by founder/conductor Willem Bertsch and a volunteer Board of Directors and Committee Members and a number of keen and dedicated amateur musicians.

1963 Professor Doug Talney of UBC was appointed Interim Conductor.

1964 The appointment of Leonard Camplin as Music Director and Conductor Maestro Camplin served as the Music Director for 32 years - becoming Canada's longest serving conductor of a Canadian Symphony Orchestra. In 1996 Maestro Camplin was named the OSO's Conductor Laureate

1975 The OSO progressed from amateur to semi-professional status, as well as founding the OSO Sinfoniea, Symphony Choir and Women's Symphony Committee

1990 Contract musicians joined the American Federation of Musicians thus bringing about a Master Agreement.

1997 Douglas Sanford appointed as Principal Conductor of the OSO.

2006-7 A Conductor search program resulted in the permanent appointment of Rosemary Thomson as Music Director and Conductor of the OSO.