Safety Protocols

Program Location:

First Lutheran Church (4091 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna)

General Overview

  • Rehearsals will be 2 hours in length. Breaks will be staggered, and students will stay in their room/bubble space.
  • Social/physical distancing of at least 2 metres should be maintained between students, parent volunteers, coaches, conductors and staff at all times.
  • It is imperative that if a child cannot attend a live rehearsal or program for any reason that an email is sent to osyoattendance@okanagansymphony.com as early as possible.
  • If students, parent volunteers, coaches, conductors exhibit any COVID symptoms, they must not attend the program and are asked to self-isolate for a minimum of 10 days from the onset of symptoms or until symptoms completely resolve or a negative COVID test results or a doctor has indicated they can return to the program.
  • All parent volunteers/coaches/conductors/staff must wear a mask while in the facility.
  • While hand sanitizer will be available at entrance doors and in the program spaces, it is recommended that students keep a travel sanitizer in their instrument case.
  • No handshaking.
  • Coughing and sneezing etiquette into elbow.
  • Frequent hand sanitizing is recommended.
  • There will be no lost and found. Any items let behind will not be held.  Please remember to remove all personal belongings from the facility at the end of rehearsal. Please keep personal items brought into the facility to a minimum.
  • Washrooms will be available for use at the facility, but it is encouraged that students only use them if necessary.
  • Room Occupancy signage will be posted. Occupancy levels have been identified as follows:
    • Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall = 50
    • Youth Room = 10


  • Will be assigned a specific entrance door which corresponds to the room they will be rehearsing in. A master schedule and seating plan will be sent before each rehearsal.
  • Will be able to access the space 15 minutes before the start of the rehearsal. Percussion students can access the space 30 minutes before the start of the rehearsal.
  • Will only be assigned to one room/bubble space per rehearsal.
  • Must wear masks from when they exit their vehicle until they are seated in their chair in their assigned room. Masks may be removed only while they are in their chair.  When not in use masks should be folded and placed in their instrument case.
  • Must wear masks and maintain physical distance in the parking lot and when moving through the facility halls, using the washroom, or leaving the program.
  • Will be physically distanced at 2 metres for strings/percussion and 3 metres for winds/brass. Plexiglass may be used if physical distancing cannot be maintained in the Youth Room.
  • Will receive their music at rehearsals and are asked to bring their music with them each week.
  • Must bring their own music stand to rehearsals. There will be no sharing of music stands.
  • Who play wind and brass instruments must bring newspaper or a cloth for the floor to absorb any liquids from their instrument. They must remove this at the end of the rehearsal and dispose of it themselves. Students are required to bring a plastic bag for this purpose so that the cloth/paper is removed from the building and discarded at home.
  • Are encouraged to bring their own water bottle and may bring a personal snack that can be easily eaten at their own space.


  • May not enter the facility while dropping off or picking up their children.
  • Will not be able to wait in the facility during the rehearsal. Only those people involved with the facilitation of the program will be able to enter the facility. This is a First Lutheran Policy.


Preparation of the space before rehearsals:

  • A small team of parent volunteers will set up and sanitize chairs using the room plans and rope templates for physical distancing.
  • Signage related to room occupancy levels, hand washing, and safety protocols will be posted each week.

Before leaving home, Students must:

  • Complete the COVID-19 screening questions form sent to their inbox on Sunday mornings. Students will not be able to attend the program if their COVID-19 screening questions form has not been submitted, or they have answered yes to any of the screening questions.

At the start of rehearsal Parent Volunteers, Coaches, Conductors will:

  • Arrive at their pre-assigned entrance door.
  • Complete the COVID-19 screening questions form available upon your arrival at the facility.
  • Use hand sanitizer as they enter the building (provided).
  • Go directly to their assigned room or task.

At the start of the rehearsal, Students will:

  • Arrive at their pre-assigned entrance door.
  • Confirm attendance and completion of signed form with parent volunteer before entering the building.
  • Use hand sanitizer as they enter the building (provided).
  • Go directly to their rehearsal room.

At the end of the rehearsal, Students will:

  • Ensure they have all their personal belongings as there will be no lost and found.
  • Wait in their space until dismissed by their coach/conductor. Percussionists will be released 15 minutes before anyone else so they can put away percussion gear.
  • Exit in staggered times through the same doorway that they entered on that day maintaining physical distancing.


At the end of the rehearsal, Parent Volunteers, Coaches, Conductors will:

  • Sanitize the chairs with spray provided by the facility and place the chairs either back on the racks provided or in their original state.
Last updated: October 23, 2020