The Musicians

Members of the Orchestra


First Violins

Rachel Kristenson°*, Concertmaster
Chair sponsored by John K. Whitehead & Associates

Susan Schaffer°, Acting Concertmaster

Susan Aylard°
Cvetozar Vutev°
Rebecca Ruthven
Sandra Wilmot
Adora Wong

Second Violins

Martine den Bok°, Principal
Chair sponsored by The Meiklejohn Family
Narumi Higuchi°
Chair sponsored by Dr. Kong & Noelle Khoo

John Suderman°
Sarah Anderson
Denis Letourneau


Erin Macdonald°, Principal
Chair sponsored by Annette Toop

Ashley Kroecher°
Sylvie Lange°
Jim Oliver
Fahlon Smith


Eva Lakirovich, Acting Principal

Martin Kratky°
Chair sponsored by Janet Parkins & Jim Boyd

Olivia Walsh°
Morna Howie
Chair sponsored by Les & Catherine Dawson


Meaghan Williams°, Principal
Chair sponsored by Jane McAdam Callahan

Darko Cuk


Heather Beaty, Acting Principal
Thomas Law, Acting Principal
Chair sponsored by Andrew Grindlay

Sheila French
Anna McGuigan


Lauris Davis°, Principal
Chair sponsored by Dr. Randall & Mrs. Lynn Fairey

Michelle Feng
Akane Setiawan


Nicola Everton°, Principal
Sally Arai


Karmen Doucette°, Principal
Chair sponsored by Harriet Foltinek

David Overgaard

French Horns

Vacant°, Principal
Chair sponsored by Robert & Kim Adria

Dennis Colpitts
Edmund House
Nealee Humphreys
Sam McNally



Audrey Patterson°, Principal
Chair sponsored by Andrew Grindlay

Jim Howie


Wade Dorsey, Principal
Bob Rogers
Gordon Waters


Reynold Epp


Dominique Bernath, Principal
Chair sponsored by Dr. Randall & Mrs. Lynn Fairey


Katie Rife, Principal
Robert Payne


Carol Colpitts

° Core Musician
* on leave

Chair sponsorships available - please contact the OSO Office

Our Musicians

Martine is playing the violin, while standing and wearing a mask
Sam McNally playing French horn in rehearsal
From behind, a woman wearing a green sweater and playing violin with Bach on a music stand
Audrey Patterson playing the trumpet against a white backdrop
Olivia Walsh, wearing black and wearing a mask, playing the cello with her eyes closed
String players in rehearsal
Blonde woman wearing a mask with the double bass
Sandra Wilmot in a mask, in rehearsal with her violin

OSO Chorus

Comprised of over 100 singers from throughout the Okanagan Valley, members rehearse weekly on a ‘per project’ basis joining the orchestra to perform a diverse repertoire under the direction of Music Director Rosemary Thomson.

Past major works have included The Creation (Haydn), Carmina Burana (Orff), and most recently Verdi’s Requiem. Other notable presentations include ‘A Night at the Proms’, ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ and ‘Spooktacular,’ which included the world premiere of The Raven, a unique setting by Gary Fry for orchestra, choir, and narrator based on the poem by Edgar Allan Poe.

If you are interested in joining us* and experiencing the thrill of singing with our outstanding symphony orchestra, please contact Maja Pannes, Community Engagement Coordinator, at [email protected].

*previous singing experience required

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