Your support through an individual donation is of vital importance to the success of the OSO. First and foremost, you are ensuring that professional orchestral music continues to thrive throughout the Okanagan Valley. Perhaps more importantly, you help build a passion for music beyond the annual concert series. Your donation results in:

  • Over 25 professional orchestra performances in Penticton, Vernon and Kelowna
  • Nationally and Internationally celebrated guest artists.
  • Valley-Wide outreach programs including:

♦ The development of over 80 young musicians with the Okanagan Symphony Youth Orchestra

♦ Music introduction to pre-school aged children through the Symphony Storytime program

♦ Music education in classrooms

♦ The Okanagan Symphony Chorus

We sincerely thank our current donors for helping the OSO grow its community roots.
If you are not currently a donor, we encourage you to consider joining the family!


Maestra’s Chair: Rosemary Thomson sponsored In Memory of Jennifer Hindle
Concert Master: sponsored by Yvonne Flock
Assistant Concert Master: sponsored by Greg & Wendy Adams
Pr. 2nd Violin:  sponsorship available
Pr. Viola: sponsored by Annette Toop
Pr. Cello: sponsored by Andrew Grindlay
Pr. Bass: sponsored by Susan Ellard & David Webster Family
Pr. Flute: sponsored by Andrew Grindlay
Pr. Oboe: sponsored by Randall & Lynn Fairey
Pr. Clarinet: sponsored by Ray & Anne Morris
Pr. Bassoon: sponsorship available
Pr. Horn: sponsored by Robert & Kim Adria
Pr. Trumpet: sponsored by Yvonne Flock
Timpani:  sponsored by Randall & Lynn Fairey
1st Violin chair 3: sponsorship available
1st Violin chair 4: sponsorship available
Asst Pr. 2nd Violin: sponsored by Dr. Khong Khoo & Noelle Nadeau
2nd Violin chair 3: sponsorship available
Asst. Pr. Viola: sponsorship available
Asst. Pr. Cello:  sponsored by Janet Parkins and Jim Boyd
Cello, chair 3: sponsored by Marie Foukal
2nd Horn:  sponsored by Ken & Jan Waldon

meastra’s club  $1000+

Robert& Kim Adria
Ed & Diane Aizen
Dr. Larry & Wendy Argatoff
John & Barbara Bailey
Henry & Lynden Beesley
In memory of Aileen Benzie
Tom Budd
Barbara Coughlin
Michael Gibney
Ken & Gwen Harding
Susan Jacobs
Clyde & Dionne Jacobs
Anthony & Ruth Jarrett
Natasha & Jonathan Kennett
Lucie Laliberte
Teresa Leggat
Evelyne & Doug Mullholland
Tracey Read
Dan Shea & Rosemary Thomson
Ernst & Colleen Schneider
Eleanor Serson
Richard & Rosemary Stewart
Hella & Kees Versfeld
Scott Wilson & Audrey King

Help support the OSO continue to bring live orchestral music to the okanagan.  Your support directly contributes to our Concerts, OSYO, and many more education & outreach programs.


concerto $700 - $999

Elizabeth Hromada

overture  $400 - $699

Karin & Bill Arkinstall
John Curry
Margaret Dawson
Peter Egglestone
Steve Foord
Thomas & Kathleen Jasper
Olecia & Terry Kelly
Sharon McMurtry
Paul & Margaret Peacock
F.D. Pollock
David & Ann Powter
George & Beverley Reed
Cathie D. Stewart
Gwynneth Wilson

serenade  $200 - $399

Bill and Alice Anderson
Howard Braun
Jane Callahan
Alexander & Fleur Campbell
Peter & Yoko Campbell
Daryl Chymko
Myrna Coates
Les & Catherine Dawson
Shirley Dreja
David & Karen Fort
Arnold & Barbara Fry
Hazel Fry & Hal Whyte
Rena Galt
Rachel Goma
Michael Grady
Virginia Grady
Judith & Dave Gunderson
Gwendolyn Hairsine
Jeanne Karcz
Jim & Lenore Leonard
Joan Luckhart
Irene & Michael MacDonald
Anne-Marie & Mark Malek
Deborah McConkey
William J. & Nancy McMahon
Gerald & Doreen McPeek
Vivian & Michelle Merchant
Marion Morrison
Stephanie Muendel
Susan Protsack
Hugh Richter& Jill Holland
Donna & Harold Schellenberg
Dorothy Alice Smith
David & Yvonne Smyth
Jimmie & Andy Spencer
Suzanne Tining & Glenn Sinclair
Annette Toop
Kay & Mike Townley
Janet & Tim Watson
Kate Witt

prelude  $25 - $199

Beverley Ashbaugh
Alix Barnes
Barbara Baxter
Angela Bearman
Bruce R. Booth
Jan Bray
Barbara Brokx
Patricia Brown
Hugh Carter
Robin Cumming
Linwood DeLong
Audrey Fewell
Jan Finlay
Carol Geoghegan
Esther Arlene Gessell
Gary & Linda Groff
Rudy & Ruby Hamm
Jeremy Harnett
Barbara & Henry Harlos
Harri & Margareta Henschler
Albert & Peggy Hiebert
Joanne Hortensius
Bernice Jackson
Glen & Maidrid Jonat
Anne-Marie & James Kanester
Josephine Karen
Zuzana Kaufrinder
Lucy Keyton
Hew Kidston
Gisela Kiesewetter
Karen Krout & Gilbert Wolf
Gordan Laide
Evelyne Lerose
Marie Levesque
Laura-Lee Locheed
Rowena Lunn
Marilyn & David Marcoux
Elaine Marsh
Donalda & Alan Marshall
Murray McEachern
Don Miller
Christine & Charles Moore
Sean Moore & Chritine Meekma
Lois Newton
Jane Neilsen
Tim & Patricia Pheland
Peter Pollhammer
Carol Postle
Sandra & Chris Purton
Beth Rampone
Peggy T. Salaberry
Joanne Smiley
Howard Soon
Carol St Jean
E.Lynne Stead
Diane & Richard Story
Sharon Swanson
John & Diane Towgood
Sandra Walls
Rhea & Wesley Wiseman


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