The OSO’s mission is to advance artistic excellence, knowledge and creativity through live orchestral music.
For the past 60 years, we have shared our music with residents and visitors to the Okanagan. We believe our programming is a reflection of our values: past and present. We also believe it is a way of paving change for the future. Combined with our education and outreach activities, we believe music is the vehicle that will continue to help educate, inform, entertain and inspire new ways of thinking.
The OSO’s vision is a thriving Okanagan community strengthened and united by music.
Music is a universal experience that encourages unity over separation. Through our leadership as an arts organization, we believe in supporting the cooperation and collaboration of groups and individuals throughout our beautiful valley. Together we are richer.
Our values are:
We adhere to the highest standards of ethics, stewardship and public trust, internally and externally. We are honest and accountable in our communications, relationships and actions.
We strive to bring out the best in not only ourselves but also all those around us. These actions help elevate and inspire all of us to surpass expectations.
We celebrate inclusivity in programming and services offered to the community and within our organization.
We implement unique, creative and cost-effective programs and events that enhance the Okanagan community.
We value our community, particularly those who provide financial support, time and patronage.

We value the members of our organization, our partners and the community we serve. We understand that success results from cooperation and shared purpose.